Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  I’ve built websites for cleaning companies, Reiki and meditation studios,  professional tutors, construction firms, real estate, vaping ecommerce, manufacturing, barbershops, and product review sites as well as having a proficiency with Shopify ecommerce stores and Xenforo forum sites.

But I like doing hospitality sites because I have an intense background as a chef and kitchen manager and inherently understand the needs of restaurant owners and chefs.  This is my preferred niche and I specialize in it.  

Well, that depends on a number of things, but the average is 6-12 weeks.  The timing depends on the complexity of the website, as well as the number of other projects we have going on concurrently.

This depends entirely on what you need done.  Basic custom sites start at around $1500.  Once we start adding specialized features, the price goes up.  The average price for a 10 page fully customized business website is around $5000 and up.

That’s completely up to you.  We offer Website Care Plans starting from $99/month.  If you have a tech savvy person in your employ that can do it, then we can also offer you a Website Owner’s Manual listing what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  

We can offer you anywhere from very basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to highly advanced single, dual or triple pathway SEO  – and everything in between depending on your budget.

You don’t.  But it’s a very handy way to inform your customers what’s going on in your business.  Additionally, good quality blog content helps increase your visibility to search engines, thus increasing your SEO status.

You do.  Nobody knows your business better than you.  While my job is to make your website as great looking and functional as possible (while also increasing your revenue), I’ll need you to give me all the information necessary to create your new work of art.  Of course, if you’re lacking in content or just don’t have the time to put it all together, we can also offer content writing services when needed.

This depends entirely on the type of web hosting you choose.  While most “shared hosting” companies (HostGator, SiteGround, etc.) offer email services, the higher end VPS (Virtual Private Server) services do not.  If you opt into a VPS type company, we can assist with setting up your email service(s).

Nope!*  We require only a 50% deposit to get you started.  Then we tweak, test, retweak and retest until the site is 100% working.  The remaining 50% balance isn’t due until the website is complete and you’re happy with the final product.

*For websites less than $5,000 we do require payment in full.